Our Story

skye dental teamDr. Nanji.d, ph.d senior consultant, Dr. Yakub dentist, Dr. Virk dentist

Our Story

Skye Dental is a team of dedicated clinicians and specialists hand picked for their technical skill, ethical values and compassionate manner. We put strong emphasis on complete patient satisfaction and continual improvement of our services.

We have a new clinical facility that utilises the best material and equipment, while keeping it cost effective for our patients.

Mission Statement

Each day that we practice, we strive to provide our patients the highest quality dental care leading toward long-term, optimal oral health.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized as a dental practice providing the highest quality in dental healthcare in a friendly, respectful and comfortable atmosphere.


Customer care is the first priority for Skye Dental team, be it environment, treatment or correspondence. Our clinicians specialise in different fields of dentistry to bring you the best care.

Fill in our customer care surveys and let us know if there’s anything else we can do.


A comfortable patient is a happy patient. Be it a cup of tea for the cold, a pillow for a stiff neck, or simply talking you through the anxiety of a first dental visit, Skye Dental makes it a fun visit for our patients.

Scared of needles? We have a painfree injection system, Dental Vibe (TM)


Skye Dental maintains a strict cross infection control policy. All of our staff are highly trained and monitored in this area.

We adhere strictly to European hygiene standards.


Both our support staff and clinicians continue their professional development through in-house, online, local & overseas training.

Our Clinicians complete an annual amount of mandatory education.