Tooth Whitening


white_pic"Bleaching does not harm or weaken the tooth structure and is perfectly safe"

Here at Skye Dental  we offer different tooth whitening procedures, this allows us to meet all our patients needs.

It is highly recommended that prior to any bleaching a consultation and a full mouth scale & polish is carried out - please book an appointment with our Dental  Hygienist for this. Bleaching is not suitable for everyone, your mouth will be assessed  and you will be told if you are a good candidate. You will be able to discuss which procedure is most suitable for you during this appointment.

Tooth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide which gently penetrates the surface layer of the tooth 'bleaching' out any discolouration. However, temperature sensitivity is a common side effect lasting 24-48 hours after bleaching. This can be minimised by using de-sensitising toothpaste  - you can try Colgate Sensitive/Sensodyne F or Gel for a few days prior to and after bleaching. NOT rinsing with water after brushing will enhance the desensitising effect.

It is highly recommended that during Home bleaching (Opalescence) and for 24 hours after In -Surgery bleaching (BriteSmile), anything that may stain the teeth is avoided (e.g Smoking, red wine, coffee, curry......etc) Failure to comply with this advice may result in premature staining of the newly bleached teeth.